MOHMAND          -          The residents and business community of Ekkaghund Baazar, Lower Sub-Division, Mohmand District continued their protest against the unannounced and excessive electricity load-shedding here on Tuesday.

The load-shedding by TESCO has made life of tribesmen miserable. The protesters blocked the main Peshawar-Bajaur Road at Ekkaghund Baazar for three hours for all kinds of traffic. The residents and traders of Ekkaghund, Lower Sub-Division, Mohmand District, have been protesting against the brutal load-shedding for over a month now.

They complained that factories have been set up illegally on their domestic lines with the connivance of WAPDA due to which the feeder is overloaded. The protesters demanded closure of all such factories receiving power supply from domestic lines. They vowed to continue protest till acceptance of their demands.