ISLAMABAD             -         Decades old unresolved land dis­pute between two tribes in Kur­ram district has turned into a sec­tarian clash as elders and other concerned authorities have failed to defuse the tensions.

According to details, the latest clash between the two tribes has left five people dead and over 20 injured as exchange of heavy fire continued for 48 hours.

Earlier the leaders and some senior officials of the district ad­ministration had temporarily de­fused the tensions between Bal­ishkhel and Para Chamkani tribes through ceasefire but later on both the tribes resumed firing.

Meanwhile, the local elders told The Nation that decades old dis­pute and enmity between the two tribes was not good for the peace of the region.

They said the dispute was on 16 thousands kanals of barren land of which both tribes were claiming ownership since decades.

Commenting on the issue Sajid Tori, MNA from Kurram, said that they had been working hard to re­solve the issue but some external forces were trying to increase the issue which can further worsen the situations. However, he said they would continue their efforts to re­solve the matter as soon as possible.

An elder without disclosing his name told The Nation that the people hailing from Balishkhel have been claiming that masses of Para Chamkani had occupied their land and started illegal construc­tion on the disputed land.

However, the opposite tribe has its own stance saying that they had pur­chased the disputed land years ago.

On the other hand a social activist Syed Muhammad hailing from Kur­ram district said that the situation has worsened due to the sluggish and ignorant response of the police and district administration officials.

He said the elected members of the district also seemed irrespon­sible in resolving the issue as they intervened when things were out of hands and many had lost their lives.

While talking to The Nation Dis­trict Police Officer (DPO) Kur­ram District, Muhammad Quraish Khan had said that a balanced and analytical approach was required in resolving these conflicts; add­ing that courts are established af­ter merger and the people should take the issue to the court of law.