ISLAMABAD - Clocks on Saturday night had an unconventional leap straight from 11:59:59 pm to 01:00 am, instead of 12:00 am, following the government decision of turning their hands an hour in forward direction. Talking to TheNation here on Saturday, residents of the federal capital gave mixed response over the decision of moving the clocks forward. While a few hailed the government's bet of taking maximum advantage of the daylight, majority of them were of the view that the decision would deliver nothing except creating confusion. A number of educated youth, who understood the intensity of energy crises in the country and the challenges it was offering to its socio-economic structures, stood by the government decision. "Everywhere in the developed world, convention of moving the clocks forward is practised during the months when the sun rises early in the morning to have maximum benefit of the daylight", observed Salman Rasheed, who intervened when this scribe was taking view of a shopkeeper inside a bookshop. "So what is bad that we do the same here in our country", he added. However, the shopkeeper said the decision would do nothing better except confusing minds of the people. "In last years when the clocks were moved forward, majority of the people hadn't followed the government decision, which had created confusion to an extent that soon the government had to take the decision back", he opined. "Instead, the government should announce opening of schools, offices and other work places an hour earlier than usual, which would deliver the same benefits and would also avoid any sort of confusion", he suggested.   Surprisingly, a great number of people, especially housewives, who have to run whole business of a house, were totally unaware of the decision. "I don't know what the government has decided about the clocks, neither I know what difference it would make", said Sobia, a housewife, when asked to comment. "As far as taking benefit from the daylight is concerned, we already get up too early in morning, so what good it would make to us?" she asked. According to government's plan for saving energy the markets will close at 9.00pm and Friday will be off day in a week.    The federal cabinet had announced different strategies to overcome the present energy crisis. The energy conservation plan is aimed at to save 500 megawatts of electricity. The country is faced with 4000-megawatt shortage of electricity every day. A survey conducted by TheNation here on Saturday in the different markets of the federal capital revealed that the business community is fed up with the electricity shortage.   Habib jaan, a shopkeeper at Aabpara market said that frequent power outage and inflation had badly affected the business activities in the Capital markets. He blamed the previous government for the power crisis. He was also not optimistic about the energy conservation plan.   About the Friday holiday, the traders were of the view that it will provide them an opportunity to stay at home with their families. Mahmood ur Rahman, another trader, supporting closure of shops on holiday said this decision would have more positive results if educational institutions, government and private offices were also closed on Friday.   He further said that if the government make sure that there will be no load shedding in the day time the business community would willingly close markets at 9.00 but if the hide and seek of the electricity continue in the day it will multiply problems of the business community. "We are happy from the decision to close the markets but that there is no load shedding after 9 pm", they said.