THE bomb blast in the mosque in Zahidan is apparently an attempt to create sectarian rifts in the Shia-majority country, but then there should be factored in the attack on President Mehmood Ahmedinejad's election office in the same city afterwards, but on the same day. Though the attacks are of different intensities, and achieved different results, both are equally to be condemned in no uncertain terms. The bomb blast has been blamed on the USA and Israel, by the Interior Minister, and it was carried out on a Friday, and killed 25 persons in a suicide bombing. The attack later on President Ahmadinejad's election campaign centre in the city did not result in any deaths, but led to the wounding of several campaign workers. The responsibility for the mosque attack was taken by Jundullah, an opposition group. Finger has also been pointed at Pakistan. It needs to clear the suspicion. The assumption of American and Israeli involvement might seem a kneejerk reaction by the Iranian authorities, but it is based on the capture of a suspect in the mosque attack. Israel must be continuing in its role as the USA's policeman in the region if it is involved in the mosque attack. Yet it should also be kept in mind that Iran is virtually the only Muslim country still to actively oppose Israel. Therefore, Israeli action against Iran is a very real possibility, especially in opposing Ahmadinejad, who is a candidate in this year's presidential election on June 12. Also, Iran experienced US terrorist actions before the previous presidential election. The USA has carried out terrorist actions in Iran before, and this episode was another instance. The USA is also a strong possibility, if it is assumed, as it seems safe to do, that the Obama Administration is furthering the same policies as saw the Bush Administration dub Iran part of the Axis of Evil. If the USA thinks that this is the way to break the will of the Iranian people, it is mistaken. Instead of such coercive methods, it would do better if it engaged in a sincere dialogue.