Through this letter, I wish to congratulate Sri Lankan authorities for defeating the foreign-backed LTTE. I admire the courage and resolve of the Sri Lankan President and his government. They have shown how wars can also provide a solution for political issues. This is especially pertinent for us as we are also facing many life-threatening insurgencies in our country with Taliban in the north, Sardars in the West and the separatists in the South all preparing for a war. We will also fight them like Sri Lanka did for 37 years, if the need be. Sri Lanka now should make sure that no media propagates ethnic division or hatred in their country. They should propagate brotherhood but the government should be ruthless to those who show a tendency for separation. Dubious organizations like ICRC, UNICEF, Peace Corps should not be allowed to operate in Sri Lanka. Instead, Colombo should create its own welfare organizations to help the affected people of the country. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, May 21.