I request Nawaz Sharif to come out openly on the terrorism issue. His duplicitous stand has already caused considerable damage to the country, as his followers have remained confused through out. But now that the whole nation has made up its mind to eliminate terrorists once and for all, he should also condemn Taliban and their terrorist activities in clear words. Previously he did not support the anti-Taliban drive due to his personal enmity with Musharraf. Since Musharraf is now gone, he should openly support the government. This is not a time for point scoring or playing politics, as it is a national cause now. Nobody supported Musharraf but now that he is gone, the time has come to eradicate the menace. Mr. Sharif's clarity at this point will give the nation a clear direction, especially to his confused followers. He should not worry that his stature will come down as it becomes obvious that he was previously opposing the government policy for personal reasons. -IJAZ TABASSUM, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia, via e-mail, May 21.