"A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse" We have all heard that one. But last week a Punjab minister may as well have said "a bottle, a bottle, my ministry for a bottle" The honourable minister, once close to the Raiwind group, is now on the rocks. He is accused of bulldozing his friends' baggage through Lahore Airport without a custom check. We hear that the official probe has surveillance camera footage which clearly shows our minister acting the bully. Since the baggage was never scanned, we still do not know what his friends were importing into the country. That mystery is still to be uncorked. * * * * * * * * * * * Two black coats, now government kingpins, hit the headlines this week, but for entirely different reasons. Attorney General Khosa, because he was greeted with hostile slogans when he arrived at a Punjab Bar Council Seminar where the Chief Justice was chief guest. Khosa had to duck and run for cover while black coats waved shoes and chanted hostile slogans, reminding him of his negative role in the Movement for Restoration of Judiciary. The crowd was pacified with a "Naat" recitation before the seminar could proceed. Black coat Naek also got his headline space, but it was good news. A brand new residence is to be built for the Senate Chairman. It will cost this nation, holding a begging bowl for the IDPs, a handsome Rs 11 crores, with another Rs 35 lakhs a year allocated for maintenance. Well some get lucky, while others get the boot. * * * * * * * * * * * Another black coat, the Acting President of Lahore Bar Association whose elevation is being challenged by a group of lawyers, is talking about principles and family traditions. He had this to say to a media channel. "We are Jaats. If a katta (calf) comes to our dera (house) we never let it go. Why should I give up the presidentship of the LHCBA?" Why indeed