LAHORE - At least 20 shops and three houses were reduced to ashes when fire erupted in Paper Market owing to short circuit in Kahna police area on Monday, fire fighters and rescuers said. Dozens of people received severe burn injures. Fire erupted about 6:30 am in the aforesaid market and engulfed almost two dozens shops. Police investigators however said three homes adjacent to the market also caught fire owing to intensive blazes and were reduced to ashes. Meanwhile, a gas cylinder burnt out and injured 14-year-old Usman, 30-year-old Rashid and Wahab. Their condition was told stable in a local hospital till filing of this report. Edhi ambulances, fire fighters, rescuers of 1122 Service rushed to the spot and extinguished the fire after hectic efforts of almost 2 hours. Man crushed to death A 35-year-old man succumbed to wounds when a speeding vehicle of 1122 Service hit him in Kot Lakhpat police precincts on Monday, police said. Police investigators maintained a vehicle of 1122 was rushing towards the spot in order to extinguish fire erupted in Kahana when a man namely Ashraf was hit by the vehicle near Chungi Amir Sidhu. The injured man was rushed to a nearby hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead. Police, later, handed over the body to his heirs after formal legal requirements. No action was taken against the Rescuers considering it a natural accident.