Here are a few tips to beat the summer heat of Pakistan. Take small gulps of water instead of drinking a full glass in one go. This is, of course, subject to availability of (a full glass of) water. Run the fan on slow speed so that you perspire enough to feel cool even if the fan blows hot air. That is understandably subject to the availability of electricity. Eat a lot of salad, if you have the money to afford that. Have curd in meals, again if you can pay for it. Avoid meat, dry vegetables and spicy food. No one affords meat anyway these days so it is just as well. Do not have cold drinks. Who wants to pay Rs. 25.00 for a lousy drink? Have lime water with a pinch of salt and sugar. If lemon, salt and sugar, you cannot afford, pray for Allahs mercies on Islamabad. Eat watermelon, papaya and oranges. And if you cannot afford that, enlist in Benazir Income Support Scheme. I live in a small town called Jia Bhagga where the temperature in day can go up to 48C in summer. But neither my wife nor I have ever wished for air-conditioning. That is why we have been living comfortably for so many years but not without cursing the rulers. Whenever we curse the rulers aloud, especially the Raja Rental, it provides plenty of immediate relief from heat. -QURBAN KHAN AFINDI, Jia Bhagga, May 31.