LONDON (Agencies) Former President Gen Pervez Musharraf, who is vying to stage a comeback on Pakistans political stage for quite some time now, has said that he has a huge fan following on the popular networking site, Facebook, which is consistently urging him to return to Pakistan to lift it from the prevalent chaos. Speaking before an audience of more than 1,000 people at a sell-out event at the Hay Festival of Literature in mid Wales, Musharraf, who is living in London on an unannounced exile, claimed that his Facebook fan following has increased considerably in the recent past. He appeared on stage to warm applause and gave a small salute before questioner Carey Scofield began with the interview. Musharraf said 80 per cent of his fans are youngsters in the age group of 18 to 34, who are perturbed over Pakistans condition. In five months, my fan club has risen to 200,000. The youth is dismayed at the situation prevailing in Pakistan, The Telegraph quoted Musharraf, as saying. Musharraf also gave a clear diagnosis of what he believes to be wrong in Pakistan today and what he would do to put it right. He said as recently as 2007 the country was listed internationally as being among 11 up-and-coming nations tipped for rapid economic progress. He said to return and be successful in Pakistan the economy is the core of everything. While highlighting that a sound economy holds the key for transforming the country into a successful and developed nation, Musharraf said: Whether its development of the state, welfare of the well-being of the people it can only be done if your economy is doing well. The former General said that law and order was also an important issue, particularly the fight against terrorism. He added that the third part of his strategy would be to bring political stability to the country. If I can do something for Pakistan I should try. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. It is bigger than self, Musharraf said. Describing Afghanistan as the 'gravity of all issues facing the region, Musharraf said it was important that the 'war on terror in Afghanistan continues to its logical end. The centre of gravity for all this is Afghanistan. As a soldier I see that we have to defeat the centre of gravity. We have to win, and we can win, we have to be optimistic, he said. We have to win, and we can win, we have to be optimistic. He dismissed arguments that Britain, when it had an empire, and later the Soviet Union had both failed to win in Afghanistan, meaning it was not possible. He said in the case of the Soviet Union half the world had been against them. Today the force differential is tremendous. He added: It is better that we do not lose, at least even if we do not win in the near future there should be no quitting.