In 1971, I recall a series of articles done by Altaf Hassan Qureshi of the monthly Urdu Digest titled 'Hum kahaan kharay hain (Where are we at?). He used to give a critical analysis of the unwelcome situation in the then East Pakistan. I was a student and could not feel the undercurrents the way a mature political analyst would. The political leadership of the country at that time did not pay any heed to these warnings from him and the country eventually lost its eastern wing as a result of the growing mistrust between the two provinces. The present law and order situation in the country with attacks on places of religious worship, educational institutions and offices of the sensitive agencies a norm reminds me of that time. I wonder hum kahaan kharay hain and what is in store for us in the coming days? God forbid, are we heading for yet another catastrophe? God bless our country. DR. SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, May 29.