ISLAMABAD The Government on Monday notified up to eight percent decline in the prices of the petroleum products as against up to 20 percent slide in the international crude oil rates during the last month. Even the comparison issued by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority shows that the motor spirit, commonly known as supreme petroleum, fell down by 11 percent whereas the domestic price of the same item was slashed by only 8 percent. After the revision, the petrol would now be sold at Rs 69.04 a litre in June as against Mays price of Rs 75.08 a litre. Kerosene oil or the commoners fuel also went down by six percent in the Arab Gulf petroleum market while the OGRA cut it down by only five percent. Resultantly, the kerosene would now be available until next month review at Rs 65.49 a litre from previous tariff of Rs 68.89 a litre. Light speed diesel oil was also slashed by Rs 3.15 or 5 percent from Rs 65.76 to Rs 62.61 a litre. Likewise HOBC also came down from Rs 89.19 a litre to Rs 82.04 indicating a decline of Rs 7.15 a litre or eight percent. Least reduction was made in the high speed diesel (HSD), which is not under the purview of the OGRA and the state-owned Pakistan State Oil reviews its tariff monthly. According to monthly review, the diesel oil was reduced only a little over a rupee a litre that makes a mere fraction of a percentile as against six percent decline in the Arab Gulf petroleum market as per the OGRAs own estimates released on Monday night.