The South Waziristan in FATA is, perhaps, the most unfortunate spot on earth. Deprived of political and economic development for centuries, it was ignored by successive Afghan governments as well as all the Pakistan governments that ruled it since 1947. Even the British colonists, who did some bit of development in rest of the subcontinent, did nothing here besides constructing a few perfunctory roads and an airport to serve their own minimal interest. As of today, the unfortunate South Waziristan is being bombarded heavily in a large-scale operation against the local militants by Pakistan Army. There is no civil administration to speak of and tens of thousands of people have been fleeing the place as IDPs who dont just have to suffer bombardment by ground artillery but also face drone attacks from skies above. In clear violation of the UN Charter, around 1000 innocent civilians has been killed so far here in these drone attacks. The Pakistan government, meanwhile, appears to be in no mood to do something about its responsibilities in the tribal areas. It has left everything to the Army which is doing the job to the best of its abilities but can hardly be expected to solve the problem 'politically. As Winston Churchill had said, 'War is too serious a matter and cannot be left to the generals alone, there is a dire need for the civil government to step in and provide guidance to the Army on future course of action in consultation with the people concerned. President Asif Ali Zardari is incharge of FATA according to the constitution. He must fulfill his responsibilities by visiting the area now and attempt interacting with the tribal people. It is also time that a compensation package and a full economic program is announced for people of the area who have lost everything in the last 6 to 7 years of operations. The amount of destruction seems incalculably large at present. But if Mr Zardari wants to win the hearts and minds of tribal people, it has to be compensated. The first positive step in the war of hearts and minds is to visit the area as soon as possible. -WAQAS KHAN MAHSUD, Karachi, May 30.