LAHORE - The citizens were deprived of almost Rs 180 million in different incidents of dacoities and robberies (excluding vehicle-lifting) during the month of May, 2010, as some 30,000 'sagacious police personnel deployed across the City remained unsuccessful in curbing crimes. It was also reported that the dacoits allegedly gunned down one citizen and injured dozens of others when they offered resistance during dacoity/robbery bids. Such 'poor performance on the part of City Police is visibly prodding the Punjab government to introduce a modern police system. According to an exemplary verdict of former Lahore High Court Chief Justice Mehboob Ahmad, If you want to expedite the police performance then you should have to eliminate the whole current police system and recruit new force. Dozens of cars and motorbikes were lifted from the precincts of various police stations which included: Harbanspura, Garden Town, Qilla Gujjar Singh, Samanabad, Sherakot, Ghaziabad, Johar Town, Yaki Gate, Shadbagh, Raiwind, Factory Area, Civil Lines, Lower Mall, Gulberg, Iqbal Town, Sabzazaar, Mughalpura, Islampura, Garhi Shahu, North Cannt, Nawankot, Gujjarpura, Defence, Liaqatabad, Nasee-rabad, Millat Park, Old Anarkali, Kahna, Sanda, Badami Bagh, Ravi Road, Chuhng, Faisal Town, South Cantt, Shahdara, Shahdara Town, Naulakha, Lytton Road, Ichhra, Lorry Adda, Baghb-anpura, Model Town, Gulshan Iqbal, Manga Mandi, Satukatla, Hanjerwall and Green Town. As per details, the dacoits and robbers made 46 hits in the City on May 1, and managed to collect almost Rs 6.3 million. They looted luggage and gold ornaments amounting to Rs 5.3 million on May 2. Some unknown robbers took hostage the family of one Nasir Mehmood at Hadyara, held them at gun point and made off with Rs 2.2 million on May 3, the day on which the total loss amounted to almost Rs 7 million. May 4 was a 'lucky day for the criminals, as they managed to rob Rs 12.5 million. Robberies of Rs 20 million were reported on May 5 and 6. One youth also sustained severe injuries over showing resistance on May 6. The dacoits succeeded 43 times on May 7 and looted cash Rs 10.3 million. A man namely Mohammad Tayyab sustained a bullet injury during a dacoity bid and succumbed to his wounds at Jinnah Hospital. Crime rate came down on May 8 and 9, when the criminals could loot only Rs 3.8 million. But the dacoits, according to police record, looted Rs 8 million including 200 sacks of threads from a local factory in Chuhng. They managed to collect ornaments and luggage worth over Rs 8.1 million on May 11 and 12, and looted not less than Rs 12.8 million on May 13 and 14. Dr Tariq Azeem was badly thrashed by the accused while offering resistance in Yaki Gate. The dacoits on May 15, 16 and 17 collected Rs 15 million, besides seizing many cars and motorbikes. The day of May 18 was another lucky day from criminals as they seized almost Rs 18.5 million including the luggage worth over Rs 6 million from a factory in Manga Mandi. Rs 8 million was looted while luggage worth over Rs 30.8 million was snatched from citizens on May 19. Rs 5 million on May 20. Rs 8.4 million on May 21, and Rs 10.4 million on May 22. The miscreants stormed into various houses on May 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 and 31 and managed to collect almost Rs 30.6 million from the citizens possession. A car owned by an MPA Samina Khawar Hayyat was also lifted on May 30.