LAHORE - Pakistan Study Centre, University of the Punjab in collaboration with the US Institute of Peace arranged a seminar on Pak-US relations: India Factor. Khalid Mahmood, former Ambassador of Pakistan, Khalid Ahmad, Eminent Journalist, an Editor of Friday Times and Farooq Hasnaat, a Prominent expert on South Asia, associated with Pakistan Study Centre participated in the seminar. Former ambassador Khalid Mehmood talked about the nature of relations between Pakistan and the United States. According to him these relations have long history but at the same time, there are phases of intense engagement and estrangement. He believed that the expectations of the two sides have remained quite divergent as the strategic needs were also quite different. The speaker strongly refuted the general perception that the relations were not mutual, and Pakistan had become a client state. He believed that, the Indian Factor also did play an important role in Pak-US relations. According to him, the panacea lay in good governance and institution-building in Pakistan. Eminent journalist, Khalid Ahmad pointed out that all super powers in history have faced the dilemma of hatred from the weaker powers. So the phenomenon of the US is not unique. Pak-US relations have remained dependent on the global and regional perspectives of the two parties. As the two perspectives were at times divergent, the relations also became tense and not cordial. He emphasized that national interest and economic relief to the people should be deciding factor in the foreign policy of Pakistan. Dr Farooq Hasnaat pointed out that after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Pakistan must not engage in proxy war and should refrain from entanglement in Afghanistan. VC meets with Hunza valley students The six-member relief committee constituted by Punjab University Vice-Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran held a detailed meeting with the 35 students belonging to Hunza Valley to ascertain from them the required monetary assistance as well as dry ration and essential articles of daily use for Atta Abad lake affectees here on Monday at Students Teachers Centre (STC) New Campus. Those who held the meeting with the Hunza Students included Chairman Committee Prof Dr Haris Rashid, Director Centre For High Energy Physics, Students Advisor Iftikhar Ahmad Ch and Deputy Students Advisor Zubair Akram. The committee held detailed discussion with the Hunza students and finalized the requisite relief goods for Hunza affectees. The students also affirmed assurance that they would spare no effort for accumulating maximum number of relief goods and relief money for the assistance of affected residents of the Valley.