LAHORE- The Punjab Governor, Salman Taseer has said that the banned outfits have only hatred in their manifesto therefore they deserve zero tolerance about their activity. Talking to media men at the worship place of Ahmadis at Ghari Shahu where he visited Monday, the Governor said if political parties forged unity with the banned organisations, then who would be there to exterminate them. He posed that how can the police act against the elected representatives and the political government if they go hand in hand with the banned organisations to contest elections. The Governor said the manifesto banned Sipahe Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkare Jhangavi, and others have nothing but hatred in their manifestos. He said terrorists can neither be tolerated not spared adding, the PPP had at not stage, relations with these elements. Earlier, the Punjab Governor met the President Jamate Ahmadia Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and shared grief with him on the killings on Friday. call for political unity to eliminate terror Provincial Minister for Finance, Planning and Development Tanvir Ashraf Kaira has stressed the need for forging unity at political level to eliminate terrorism and make democracy in the country stable and strong. Talking to PPP delegations at his office here on Monday, the Minister said that Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto had the vision to end terror, and now the PPP would complete her very mission at every cost. He said that the country was faced with many challenges and the unity between every department was the need of the hour. Paying glowing tribute to Benazir Bhutto, he said that she laid down her life for the cause of democracy and the nation. He further said that all the political parties had offered many sacrifices for the stability of democratic institutions and the people who were talking about the clash between the institutions were the enemies of the country and nation.