ISLAMABAD The pressure tactics, which the Government of Pakistan had been exerting lately on United Nations to 'downplay humanitarian aid under CAP, have perhaps begun to show, TheNation finds out. An evident 'mistake that presently goes unchecked at one of the UNs websites seriously asks for a recall in the recent past to determine whether the Governments trick has worked as far as Consolidated Appeals Process is concerned. According to the details, one UNs websites inforesponse. info/Countries/Pakistan/Funding contains a link that negates the fact that Pakistan was provided aid under the CAP. The same link with the title, NON-CAP for Pakistan Humanitarian Response Plan 2010 (February-July) gives a clear impression that Pakistan is a Non-CAP state contradicting the United Nations own confirmation that consolidated appeal of $537 million launched for Pakistan under Consolidated Appeals Process. This newspaper on February 12 this year, three days after the launch of PHRP 2010, had first broken the story that Pakistan was provided aid under the controversial CAP. It was also reported in the same story and subsequent follow-up news items that the Government was trying its level best to hide the fact that Pakistan had subscribed to CAP in order to avoid the stigma that CAP countries carry. The reason behind is that the other twelve CAP countries including Afghanistan, African Republic, Chad, Congo, Kenya, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Uganda, West Africa, Yemen and Zimbabwe stand at the verge of bankruptcy and are unofficially deemed as failed states. Pakistan, being a nuclear power, became the thirteenth state to join the 'elite CAP club. Given these concrete facts, the Government of Pakistan was 'availing every possible option to 'convince the UN not to 'play up the CAP. And the 'mistake evident on UNs website seems strongly inter-linked to this entire affair. On the other hand, the UNs concerned officials are completely ignorant towards the issue. When contacted, Dumeetha Luthra, Public Information Officer, Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) confirmed that Pakistan was being provided humanitarian aid in the PHRP 2010 under CAP. She, however, expressed ignorance towards the same web link that contradicts Pakistans subscription to the CAP. I havent seen the web page so I dont know about it, she said. Another concerned official with whom this subscribe connected, courtesy Luthra, also confirmed that Pakistan was being helped out by means of humanitarian aid that was part of the CAP. Regarding the 'mistake, he said, We need to find it out who wrote this.