KUWAIT CITY - Kuwait's Parliament on Tuesday agreed to defer discussing the grilling of Prime Minister Shaikh Nasser Al Mohammad to the next session to be held in two weeks. The parliament's decision was based upon the prime minister's request. Parliament also agreed to refer to the legislative and legal affairs commission the grilling motion against Shaikh Ahmad Fahd Al Ahmad Al Sabah, the deputy prime minister, also upon his request. "The lawmakers accepted the request under the bylaws of the parliament," Speaker Jasem Al Khorafi said. The voting on the request by Sheikh Ahmad Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, also the Minister of State for Housing Affairs and Minister of State for Development Affairs, came with 35 MPs in favour, 27 against, with one abstention - out of the present 63 members of the assembly. The minister based his request on the third article of Provision 135 of the NA Bylaw that genuinely stipulates that the executive to be grilled could request delay for two weeks with approval of the majority MPs. Sheikh Fahad stated the parliament cannot specify the date for the interpellation if it "is flawed with breaches of the Constitution or the Bylaw," citing provision 135, which states parliament should listen to the statements of the executive to be grilled.