Former President and military dictator Pervez Musharraf has been declared proclaimed offender by an Anti-Terrorist Court in Rawalpindi, paving the way for the authorities to force his return to Pakistan to stand trial. Musharraf is a co-accused in the murder case of former Prime Minister and leader of the PPP, Benazir Bhutto Zardari. The court further directed on Monday the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to release an advertisement to British newspapers declaring him proclaimed offender. Musharraf was heard saying a few weeks ago that he would face the court while announcing his intention of returning to Pakistan by March 23, 2012. The option left with the FIA is to approach Scotland Yard for issuing red warrant on the basis of which, Musharraf can be forced to come back to stand trial. Earlier, prosecution submitted to the court that the British government had refused to execute the non-bailable warrants against Musharraf, mainly because Pakistan and Britain have not signed an extradition treaty. It may be noted that after the Karsaaz tragedy, the PPP leadership pointed its finger at him for conspiring to kill Benazir Bhutto. But later, party President Asif Zardari shifted the blame to Baitullah Mehsood for being responsible for the murder. It was during the proceedings of the case at the ATC-3 that two co-accused police officers revealed that they were acting under direct supervision of Musharraf. All said and done, the PPP leadership has so far not demonstrated its will to reach out to the real culprits. Not only this, they refused to give credence to the investigation carried out by United Nations experts who were assigned to carry out the probe at huge expense to the extent of blocking the publication of the report initiated at the request of the UN authorities. Hardcore PPP 'Jialas (workers) are, however, very keen to know who murdered their leader. One can only hope that the truth would come out sooner or later.