FAISALABAD - Non-smokers alleged smokers to violate the law of complete ban on tobacco usage in public places on World No Tobacco Day held here on Tuesday. Public, especially the non-smokers expressed their concerns about the health of people on World No Tobacco Day. They said that the smokers were explicitly violating all the laws pertaining to non-smoking and they continued to smoke even in no smoking zones, exposing non-smokers to the hazards of smoking. Firstly, specific places were allocated for smoking in offices, however, this permission was heavily abused making people smoke in non-designated areas, while some offices could not designate any place for smokers at all. Moreover, the government already declared some public places including hospitals, educational institutions, offices, conference rooms, domestic flights, restaurants, buses, wagons, trains, indoor stadiums, gymnasiums, lounges of airports, waiting rooms at railway stations and waiting rooms at bus stations as no-smoking zones but the inability of the people to abide by the rules was posing serious health threats in Faisalabad and other similar cities. Health experts claimed that second-hand smokers were exposed to 20-30 percent greater risk of developing lung cancer. Statistics showed that approximately 0.1 million people died every year in Pakistan from diseases, caused by tobacco and according to an estimate of Pakistan Medical Society, 1.8 million people of 10 to 24 years of age were at the high risk of developing cancer and other diseases from smoking. The World No Tobacco Day is observed on May 31, across the globe annually and encourages the smokers to abstain from every type of tobacco consumption for 24 hours. The day further draws global attention to the widespread monster of tobacco and its adverse effects on the health of people. Initiated by the WHO in 1987, the World No Tobacco Day is celebrated with both enthusiasm and resistance from various individuals and organisations every year.