A recent report revealed that there is about one policeman for approximately every 2,000 residents in Karachi. This presents a troubling scenario in a city, which has seen a considerable amount of violence over the past two decades, with the post 9/11 challenges just adding on to the ethnic violence and rampant street crime. Being mugged at red lights, kidnapping for ransom, and burglaries at home, among others, are not uncommon. What adds to the disproportionate figure is the news that at least 5,000 police personnel excluding the paramilitary forces that contribute an additional manpower of 2,000 are deployed for VIP security. Moreover a system must be set in place clearly specifying which VIPs are entitled to protection as well as the number of security personnel which can be assigned to them and this must be strictly implemented. VIPs should be made to hire private personnel, carefully screened by the police. They must pay for the privilege of being protected. KHURRAM SALEEM, Islamabad, May 30.