The nation feels outraged, second time during this month, as the news of another violation of the countrys sovereignty by NATO helicopters is reported, while the ruling leadership of Pakistan takes no notice of it and goes about its daily business of receiving and entertaining US officials. The intrusion of these helicopters into Pakistan, an independent country and member of the UN, on Monday (May 30) was not much different from the May 2 Americans Geronimo Operation in the sense of violation of sovereignty. If at Abbottabad, the US Navy SEALs claimed to have killed Osama bin Laden, from the Gorvait area in North Waziristan, where two NATO helicopters landed, picked up five persons known to be belonging to the Haqqani Group and whisked them away to Afghanistan. Though in the sense of perceived impact on the war on terror the significance of these two incidents is hard to compare, in the sense of violation of sovereignty, they have a greater resemblance than other violations, except for the drones, which keep flying over Pakistans airspace and murdering our nationals at will. The case of Raymond Davis, who shot down two Pakistanis in broad daylight in February this year, was equally shameful and ought to have prompted our rulers to tender their resignations. Strangely, while they would proclaim, in and out of season, that they are democratically elected and are looking after the interests of the people, in practice, they would not hesitate to disregard public opinion, if that could please their American masters. Disquietingly, the latest violation that has taken place without the prior knowledge of the Pakistani authorities throws into the wastepaper basket the post-Abbottabad accord between the US and Pakistan reached while Secretary Clinton and CJCSC Mullen were in Islamabad only last week. Though the agreement, in response to our strong protests against the violation of our sovereignty, stipulated joint action by the two countries to attack high-value targets, one would have expected the NATO (read US) of not violating our sovereignty because in spirit the accord was designed to prevent later violations. The Americans are blindly and ruthlessly pursuing their strategic designs in the region, even if they have to ride roughshod over the feelings of weaker nations, disregard any understanding, in whatever form it had been reached with them or tell lies. These helicopters intrusion is not the first by the NATOs, but, interestingly, is denied by the US Embassy at Islamabad as well as by the ISPR, while our Political Agent in North Waziristan confirms it. The pity is that our leaders ineptness and shenanigans have turned the country, a nuclear power, into a helpless victim. If they cannot protect Pakistans vital interest, they had better resign and go home.