The car bomb explosion that flattened a market and many other buildings in Hangu District has taken 35 lives so far. 55 people were also injured. The new series of bomb blasts in KPK has frozen the people with terror. Harbinger of doom don't know what happens to a family when its only bread winner is lost in a bomb blast. Causing panic in general public is the main aim of these barbarians. Security forces are facing failure after failure in a row. The reverberating question that howcan wedefend our institutions, is now haunting everyone.Astonishingly, after everysuch ghastly incidents, a person makes a phone call and informs thathis organization has done this damage to avenge death of OBL.Security forces are well equipped with all modern GPS equipment and techniques.The question arises as to why these handful miscreants are not traced and captured? Unless we do not get agile and remain on our toes, there can be no end to our suffering. IFTIKHAR SHAHEEN MIRZA, Islamabad, May 27.