Ah Another mishap. Another breach of security. Another failure of command. Another tell tale press conference. Another pack of lies. The sharp shooters were shooting at the troops. Other sharp shooters were spinning the stories and creating the hype among the masses with depressive monotones, hyper voices and absolutely uncalled for commentaries. Then, there were the spin masters, coining their own theories with their pseudo intellect. Where were the 'think tanks? Have they run out of gas? Where were they hiding when Navy elements were being targeted one after the other? Did anybody advise anyone who matters or was there nobody listening? Wake up for Gods sake. See the writing on the wall. Enemy within and enemy at large has blown off the eyes and ears of Pakistan Navy. The capability of maritime surveillance, deep sea locating of enemy submarines and their subsequent destruction has since been neutralized by destroying the PC 3 Orions. Can someone see the pointers? Can someone give a jolt to the passive corrupt jokers? Can someone kick them out of their slumber? Those who matter are more interested in their personal projection. Enemy is moving fast and with stealth towards their goal. They are now closing in on to the jugular. Gwadar is under threat. Americans and their allies are gradually moving towards the ultimate take over. By doing so, they will have the shortest route to Afghanistan. They will be able to control the Hurmuz. They will be in an advantageous position to neutralize Iranian port of Chahbahar. 'Dharnas will not prove the point. It is the time to mobilize the nation. It is the time to differentiate between friend and foe. For heavens sake, shake up the sluggishness. Wake up and stand up. Oo You leaders of any substance, think again. Ponder over your mistakes. Do something for this home land. At least something in return to what you have squeezed out of your motherland. Unite now or otherwise be prepared to wither out. COL KHAWAR MUNIR HAROON, May 30.