Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University (SMBBMU) Larkana is conducting exams of various semesters of MBBS in its affiliated colleges. Afraid to say, these professional institutes are unable to keep the ghost of cheating away. The multiple choice questions (MCQ) have easy answers which the student’s text each other as cell phones have not been banned. Invigilators are helping the students in cheating.

I am sure that all these future doctors will pass by cheating but what will happen when they have to deal with the real patients, emergencies and many precious lives will be at the stake? A question every examiner should ask when helping any student cheat! The universities must train the doctors to grow up to be ethical and honest, an honourable profession such as medicine, when the foundation is in cheating how will the person thrive as a doctor or the nation be proud of such a person, or parents? It’s not just about the MBBS degree, it’s about preparing the doctors to deal with the lives of his fellowmen and decrease their pain.

I request the administration of SMBBMU and also PMDC to look into the matter seriously and take action against such individuals who promote cheating.


Sukkur, May 28.