The heart rending news of the death of 16 school children in an inferno, the picture of the shouts and pain of the children keeps reverberating in my mind. How does a nation let something like this go on without taking any notice of it? There is no hue and cry, is it because they were children from poor families?

Was this not a wakeup call to all the echelons of our government, be it the caretaker or regular government that our state is unraveling fast at the seams. How can our innocent children are entrusted to a driver who is paid only Rs. 6,000/- per month as salary which is lower than an unskilled labourers salary, who gets Rs. 7,000/- per month. The parents also have to share the blame as to why they entrusted their wards to a driver in a faulty van, that did not even have a valid driving license, and claimed that he had sent for one renewal from Azad Kashmir.

The students kept shouting warnings of leaking petrol which they could smell in the van but the careless murderer paid no head. Was he just stupid or did he not regard life as sacred. Let’s look at the root cause instead of playing our typical blame game. The main reason for all these deaths are a lack of responsibility in the country and corruption. In a country where there are no laws who can you blame for saving a few rupees? Combine to this illiteracy and poverty and every man is a walking time bomb!

Where will we find honest officers in government organizations who give a damn about saving lives instead of making an easy buck by letting such substandard equipment be installed in cars and vans, maybe if a ministers’ car or a politicians car blows up and his family suffers such a loss we may see some action, but then they can afford the best! So who is going to make sure that such incidents don’t take place again in Pakistan?


Lahore, May 28.