The association of the owners of CNG is not prepared to accept the reduction in gas prices because many politicians own CNG stations, like they own sugar mills. There are also reports that hundreds of CNG outlets have been stealing gas and using much more quantity than was allotted to them by the two gas distribution companies. There are about 3.5 million vehicles with gas kits installed, including a majority of rickshaws as the Punjab government had banned the rickshaws on petrol on major roads to control air and noise pollution.

Both the CNG station owners and the government are not prepared to reduce their income. The users of gas are now spending hours waiting to fill their cylinders due to shortage in the supply of gas. This is a typical case of study as to how the policymakers, in this ‘land of the pure’ make policies without thinking about their long term impact. Now CNG station owners and public transport owners, by joining hands, can cripple people and transport. Unfortunately, the government quarters, instead of looking after the interests of the consumers, is helping the gas mafia as they are a part of it.


Karachi, May 28.