LAHORE - The Government seems to take stern action on the cold blooded murder of Farzana, near the Lahore High Court premises, after an alarm was raised on the incident by the US authorities, international media and right forums, local NGOs and the Women Ombudsman.
It is learned from sources in the government that from the Federal side, the Punjab Government has been asked to take the matter seriously after the US State Department discussed it and expressed concerns of its government over the occurrence.
Three-month pregnant Farzana, aged 25, was beaten to death in broad daylight as police and lawyers watched the brutality.
The incident has been strongly flayed by human rights bodies and has called upon authorities to take measures against such happenings. Also messages through social media have also been aired by various international human rights organisations condemning the incident of Farzana who was pregnant. The Punjab government, as the sources say, has collected record and details of the incident and has directed prosecutors to move ahead.
The Supreme Court of Pakistan and the Lahore High Court have taken suo moto notice of the occurrence and have sought appearance of the police and law officer for advice. So far no major action has been seen by the police. It is learned that on the instructions of the Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif investigations at level of the police are also on to fix responsibility on the top cops whose irresponsible act led to this gory incident which has brought about huge shame to the country at the international level.
The Punjab Chief Minister has ordered the police to arrest all the five involved in the killing within 48 hours and complete investigations to place challan of the case before the special court, Anti-terrorism. After initial arrest of the father of Farzana, police have reportedly hauled up the rest four and their remand has been secured.
It is further learned that the law ministry of the Punjab has also been directed by the CM to find a lawful method to protect a woman reaching the court to seek quashment of cases registered against her spouse after they legally marry a person of their choice. However, it could not be confirmed from independent sources. Many such incidents in city courts have taken place in the past where losses of life were also seen. In all these incidents the couple fell victim of those who wanted to take their life to save their ‘honor.’ 
But this incident of honour killing is unique in its nature as the woman owing to brutality in the sensitive area of the provincial metropolis. It may be recalled a number of verdicts of Federal Shariat Court and the Supreme Court, High Court are in the law books which admit marriage of choice of a sui juris girl as her legal right.