ISLAMBAD - PTI Chairman Imran Khan has questioned how Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could visit the home of Indian steel tycoon Jindal with his businessman son Hassan Nawaz when it is clearly a conflict of interest.
Khan pointed out that no western democratic leader does business while in office, as it is a clear conflict of interest. He reminded that Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) closed down his cloth shop when he became a Caliph as he felt others in the same business would not be able to compete him. Khan said that going to the steel magnate's house for tea in New Delhi when he couldn't find time to meet the Hurriyet leaders reflected the misplaced priorities of Prime Minister Sharif.
In a statement issued by PTI Central Secretariat on Saturday, Khan said it was regrettable that the notion of conflict of interest is totally ignored by the leaders when they are in power. The Sharifs' entire business has multiplied while they have been in power, he alleged.
Khan declared that even more disturbing is the fact that his family is one of UK's biggest investors.
 Yet, instead of bringing his own funds back to Pakistan, Sharif has done numerous overseas trips to attract investment from overseas, Khan stated.