LAHORE - Federal Minister for Planning and Development Prof Ahsan Iqbal on Saturday said that the government has decided to build capacity of seven departments to enable them contribute to the national development and affirm the country among economic powers in the world.
Addressing a press conference, Ahsan Iqbal also warned politicians who he said, were sitting in London wanted to sneak into power from behind the doors after people rejected them in the last elections. He said people would not subscribe to any undemocratic move which these politicians tended to encourage so that they reach the power corridors.
Later answering queries, the Minister said the economy of the country has been put back on track, which was not an easy. He said due to negligence in the past, Pakistan would not be able to achieve the millennium goal set for the year 2015.
He said the country was up against various serious challenges and energy, water was one of them for which a huge amount is being earmarked in the next budget. He said the government is endeavoring to raise foreign reserves by increasing exports instead of getting money from the IMF or America. Ahsan Iqbal said from the next budget implementation of the vision 2025 is being kicked off.
Under this vision, special focus would be given on capacity building of human resources which in the past has been highly neglected. The second is to meet deficiency in social sectors so that target of 100 per cent enrollment of kids at primary level, health schemes of mother and child, schemes for potable water, and others which all are part of the millennium, could be initiated and matured.
He said tax reforms are being brought in to generate revenues for liberating the economy from the dependence of foreign funding and aid. He said research programmes are also being introduced to increase exports and improve performance in this sector. He said without becoming an exporting nation, country cannot be ranked among the developed states and for it, measures are needed to give frog jump to the economic development instead of moving it on the snail pace. He said reformation in the administrative structure and good governance is another priority of the government for which a huge sum is being allocated in next budget. The budget will also carry a programme for putting economy on high value addition which would to a long way to give benefit to the industrial and agricultural sectors. Introduction of modern transport system is another priority of the government for which considerable amount would be earmarked in the budget. The Minister said energy is the top most problem of the country and Rs 260billion are being allocated for energy schemes in the next budget. Of this amount, he said, Rs 155billion would be spent on producing electricity and it also includes Rs 48billion for setting up atomic power plants.
The Minister said the problems are so grave that no single individual or the party can overcome them but joint efforts of all are needed for this purpose. He said at present some elements are trying to pit media against the army and the army against the politicians. He said these elements are not well wishers of the country.