Awami Muslim League Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has said that the PPP might be washed out from across the country like Punjab if it does not take timely steps and play the role of real opposition.

“Sharif brothers are playing politics in the country. The people will not give them further time. The prolonged delay in Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology project is sufficient to prove their anti-people politics,” he said talking to his party workers at WIC here on Saturday.

Accompanied by other party workers including Salman Habib and Muhammad Ahmad, Mr Rasheed stated that the PPP should understand the attitude of people otherwise it would be washed out all over Pakistan.

“The people of Sindh are patriotic and will not accept any move against Pakistan so the PPP has to play the role of real opposition timely. WIC is aimed to benefit 5 million people of Gujranwala Division but it has been destroyed,” he added. He threatened to take out cardiology march to make the WIC functional after train march.

He said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family members proceed towards London for treatment but WIC, a project of common man, had been delayed for the last nine years as a matter of politics. The people would have to come out for safeguarding their rights and for the sake of Pakistan as well, he added. 

“I am in contact with other political parties except PML-N and discussing on the holding of train march. PML-N’s era is going to be end. People have already given time of one year to the rulers which is more than sufficient,” he said. “Mian Sahib (the prime minister) has plenty of time to go abroad but no time to attend Senate as it is his responsibility.”

On the occasion Ahmad Chattha, son of Hamid Nasir Chattha, announced  his support to train march and stated that a huge number of PML-J workers would join it from Wazirabad to Lahore. Sh Rasheed stated, “Hamid Nasir Chattha was cheated by Nawaz Shareef before the last general elections and now Chattha Sahib, as I think, has understood that who is sincere to Pakistan,” he said. He asked Hamid Nasir Chattha not to give up politics. He hoped that the latter would be join hands with him soon.

“I will meet him within a few days for political discussion and proper Invitation. A News Channel misquoted Jamia Hafsa incident and now facing hardship and punishment. The PTI is supporting AML’s train march and its workers will join us. Similarly, the AML will participate in PTI’s rally in Sialkot because we are in Alliance,” he said.

He stated that he lacked financial resources to hold huge rallies and protests. “So I have selected an easy way of train march in which common man can also participate with low expense of Rs400 to Rs500. The train march is aimed to save national interests and democracy,” he said.