Transparency international (A Germany based non-governmental organization) has ranked Pakistan as 137th (In the index that measures the level of transparency in the system and behavior) out of 165 countries. There are myriad of corruption cases that signifies its viciousness in this particular subject; The Pakistan Steel Mills Rs.26 billion scam, National Insurance Company limited scandal, corruption in PIA with the amount of $500 million, Hajj corruption case ,rental power projects and many more. 

In Pakistan, corruption has assumed the status of fitness, a standard of intelligence, a norm of social worthiness. But it is equally standard and worthy to condemn it. Every one of us has an ‘authentic’ list of another person’s misdeeds and an equally strong urge to wet our own beak the same way. This combination of practice and dismissal, of doing a thing that we condemn, breeds hypocrisy which serves to perpetuate malpractice. 

Democracy can provide them the stage to play their role. Let us hope they will choose to live and grow with the world of science and creativity which is the only un-corrupted path. 


Islamabad, May 10.