The PML-N government is considering hiring mobile power plants (MPPs) besides reviving some rental power plants (RPPs) it condemned almost six years ago.

Recently, the prime minister ordered the power ministry to evaluate the proposal regarding induction of mobile power generating units on a short-term basis for meeting power shortfall in summer of 2017 and to immediately study options on the utilisation of idle capacity of IPPs as well as captive power plants to bridge the demand and supply gap. It was reported by power ministry that load shedding for six hours in urban areas, eight to 12 hours in rural areas, four hours in mixed industrial areas and no load shedding for independent industrial load areas was being carried out by all distribution companies, except Tribal Electric Supply Company which observes 18 hours of load shedding in urban and rural areas.

However, this plan was not followed at all. In fact, the duration of load shedding being reported is more than double the approved plan.

It is implored to the government that planned options should be utilised, such as setting up MPPs, restoring idle power projects and encouraging the industrial sector to operationalise their available captive power capacity to mitigate power shortages in the country. There is a dire need to take emergency steps in this regard.


Bal Nigwar, May 11.