Teachers’ Unions of Pakistan have strongly condemned corporal punishment for students in schools, a press release.

In a statement, Teachers’ Unions of Pakistan have collectively expressed concern and condemnation of the incident that happened at City District Government Girls’ High School Kot Shahab Din in Shahdra, Lahore.

Few days ago, according to reports two teachers allegedly pushed a ninth-grade female student off the top floor of her school building in Shahdara, Lahore. Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif took notice of the incident and ordered an inquiry.

According to the statement issued, Representatives of Teachers’ Union of Pakistan strongly condemn the incident by saying, “Inflicting bodily harm or corporal punishment not only affects the student’s ability to learn but also results in parents losing faith in government schools and even teachers themselves.”

They shed light on the difficulties that the teachers have to go through while imparting education in students and said that teachers are honorary parents, “Teachers function as honorary parents for students entrusted to their care during school hours.”

They also demanded the authorities to hold a transparent investigation in the matter, “We also demand that the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough and transparent investigation and to bring the perpetrators to justice. We hope that this incident is the last of its kind.”

“We wish Fajr Noor, our daughter and the future of our country, a speedy and full recovery,” the statement said.

Such incidents, where students are tortured by teachers are not new but this happens to be the first time that Teachers’ Unions of Pakistan have condemned it and demanded justice.