PESHAWAR - The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government’s mega transport project receives another setback as an officer of Peshawar Bus-Rapid-Transit (BRT) on Thursday resigned from his post owing to issues related to quality of the project. The BRT has termed such allegations as baseless and beyond facts.

According to details, Assistant Resident Engineer MMP Reach-I Peshawar section Gohar Muhammad Khan in his one-page resignation said that huge corruption was involved in the project. The contractor has been paid a huge amount for nothing which, he said, was something that “needs to be addressed.”

In his resignation letter, he said that the quality and quantity of the project suffered due to lack of supervision by the consultants and Peshawar Development Authority.

He warned that a structural failure could happen at “any time due to poor foundation provided to the BRT and, as a result, casualties and damages can happen at any time in future.”

The contractor has neither submitted any schedule for the completion of BRT project nor any progress report to any concerned department, Khan said. He added that the contractor of the project has sublet the entire project to different non-technical people who do not even know about construction.

There is a lack of coordination, he said. The engineers were found just visiting the site without any drawing and specifications, he added.

 I was left with no option but to resign from my office, Khan said.

Meanwhile, the BRT issued a clarification and has rejected all allegations levelled against it as baseless. “[He] did not understand the work [pertaining to the BRT] and the accusations he has made are childish,” the management said in the statement.

It added that Gohar Muhammad Khan was terminated from his service on the basis of poor performance and lack of interest in work.

It also made it clear that he was an intern engineer at a private firm and not a government engineer.

Meanwhile, one of the 155 prototype buses, which will be run on the main BRT route, finally reached Peshawar on Tuesday night. The bus approved for the project arrived in the provincial capital after being trucked from China. In a statement issued, TransPeshawar, the urban mobility company announced that the 12-meter bus has arrived in Peshawar.