LAHORE-Barabri Party Pakistan Chairman Jawad Ahmad has said that all the political parties in the country have no concern with the middle and working classes which together constitute 99 percent of the total population of Pakistan. Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club, the singer-cum-politician said that 70-year history of Pakistan vindicates that politics and elections are just a profitable business for these parties.

“Their politics revolves around 1 per cent of country’s total population which consists of capitalists, feudal, political pirs, waderas, land mafia and other mafias who enjoy control over country’s resources,” he added.

On the other hand, majority of people in the country are facing growing poverty, hunger, un-resourcefulness and employment, he said, adding that the three parties neither have any solution for the problems of common people, nor do they want to resolve their issues. They will never carry out land and basic structural reforms in the country, he said.

Jawad added: “Barabri Party Pakistan is the party of middle class, working class and youth which want to organize these 99 per cent people and send their representatives to the parliament so that they can legislate for their own class and ensure a peaceful and prosperous life for everyone. It is for this great cause that our party is fielding its candidates from middle class, working class and youth against capitalists, feudal, waderas, political pirs and mafia’s all over Pakistan.”