Reading the news has become such a saddening thing to do lately. You open the paper and come across issues which are highly sensitive in nature but are being treated like a joke. For instance, the cases of spurious/substandard medicines being sold in the country, involving such prominent personalities like the former army chief General (r) Ashfaq Pervez Kayani.

I’m no expert but I can surely say that these are the things which are vital for one’s health, and are not supposed to be messed with. Such spurious medicines are causing more diseases, instead of curing people of them, which is their primary purpose. In such deadly circumstances, my family doctor recommended us of an ‘Access Program’, which is offered by a Swiss pharmaceutical company to those in need.

This way, the patients who cannot afford premium quality medicines can get them for just $1 a month per treatment. What makes this better is that not only are these medicines FDA approved, but they are authentic and of the premium quality. So I reach out to those in need to avail this Access Program.


Karachi, May 7.