KARACHI - The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Karachi chapter Thursday held a protest demonstration against Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KW&SB) over their negligence in providing water supply across the port city.

The participants carrying party flags and banners inscribed with slogans against KW&SB and government.

Addressing the demonstration, JI Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman said that the party workers along with the citizen were out in the hot day to register their protest against the water board authority over their negligence in providing water in different parts of the city.

He said that people were already witnessing the loadshedding carried out the private power company while the water shortage in different areas has increased the miseries of the citizen in Ramazan.

Today almost the entire city is witnessing the water shortage due to negligence of authorities those have failed to implement a proper plan for the equivalent distribution of water in Karachi, said Hafiz adding that the PPP led provincial government and his old allies partners the MQM had made tall claims including the announcement of various water projects but nothing has been witnessed so far that has relief the people.

Naeem further said that the people were aware with whatever the so-called stake holder of the city has done with the city of lights. Former mayor Mustafa Kamal who had planted dangerous plants across the city is also in the run of elections while his current opponent Dr Farooq Sattar who use to phase then Karachi Mayor Kamal is now urging citizen to reject the PSP, he added.

The entire episode is now being witnessed to hoodwink the people once again through their hollow slogans. The time has changed and hopefully people will reject them in upcoming general elections.

BADIN protest

Growers of Kamaro branch staged a protest demonstration against water theft and illegal hurdles at RD-10 to deprive the poor growers on Thursday.

The protest was led by Muhammad Hanif Khokhar, Aslam Jamali, Soomar Chang, Moula Bux Chang and others.

They chanted slogans against illegal practice of distribution and acute shortage of water and hindrances at RD-10.

They said that the growers of tail ends were sustaining water shortage for more than six months and inhabitants of various villages were deprived of potable water and pet animals were dying of the thirst.

They said different areas including Sheikpur, Lauri Sharif, Kuner, Lou and others were suffered of such deliberate shortage of water causing millions of rupees loss and damage to growers.

They further said their crops were destroyed of the water shortage. They demanded release of water and removal of hindrances at RD-10 and justification.

On the other hand, a delegation of growers also met with Badin Deputy Commissioner Dr Shehzad Thaheem, who also directed SDO irrigation to remove hindrances within four days and report.