SIALKOT - The PML-N leadership is still undecided on bringing a potential candidate as alternative to Khawaja Asif despite the announcement of the general election schedule.

The top leadership of PML-N is in trouble and great pressure to find out a potential alternative after his disqualification by the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

Khawaja Asif is ready to play his pivotal role as political worker in political scenario ahead of the 2018 general elections scheduled to be held on July 25, 2018. Some insiders in PML-N said that the PML-N was keeping all the options open.

Earlier, the PML-N was expected to take Sialkot business community’s leader Riazud Din Sheikh as alternative to Asif in Sialkot but he has not yet consented to be in the field of politics. He said that he did not want to be in politics as he showed his trust in the leadership of Khawaja Asif.

Another option is Khawaja Asif’s spouse Musarrat Khawaja or his son Asad Khawaja. However, they are also unwilling to join the electoral race.

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif could also contest the 2018 general elections from Khawaja Asif’s constituency to give tough time to PTI.

Political Pundits said that Shehbaz could be a strong contestant after the disqualification of Khawaja Asif. If Shehbaz Sharif himself contests the coming elections from Sialkot city’s constituency, the PTI would be in the hot water.

They said that the Sialkot had always been a stronghold of the PML-N but the PTI was still hopeful to clinch and conquer Sialkot by denting PML-N.

On the last of day of the PML-N five-year tenure, all the MNAs and MPAs from Sialkot district have reposed their full trust in the leadership of Khawaja Asif and expressed their complete solidarity with him.