I came back to Pakistan after ten years and it was by luck that I happened to visit the 9th Karachi Literature Festival. This was the first time I attended an event of this kind in Pakistan. It made me happy that the country has grown to host events which reflect Pakistan’s literary and cultural roots. 

The KLF was a one stop shop where different events were happening at the same time but what was more challenging was the choice one had to make among the different events. I chose to attend the UBL Literary Awards as it reminded me of the ‘Adamjee Literary Awards’. I am glad that I went there because it was something you do not get to see every day. The awards were given to winners from all over Pakistan in different categories and among the winners were some famous writers too. 

It felt very good and refreshing to know that the corporate sector realizes and acknowledges the importance of holding such events through which writers are encouraged to write more. The participation of corporate entities in such events show how organizations like UBL, are giving back to Pakistan. 


Karachi, May 7.