KARACHI-Al Quds Day was observed across the country on Friday including Karachi to express solidarity with the people of Palestine and against illegal capture of Israel at Jerusalem.

Imamia Students Organization (ISO) Pak carried out a rally from Sea Breeze to Tibbat Centre on the occasion of Jummatul Wida (the last Friday of Ramazan) which is observed as Al Quds Day every year. A large number of people including men, women and children participated in the rally.

Addressing the participants, the ISO Pak Presidnet Qasim Shamsi paid rich tribute to the Revolutionary Leader Imam Khumeni, saying that the entire Muslim Ummah understand the importance of Al Quds owing to Imam Khumeni. He said that those days are not very far away when the Muslim get control of the Baitul Muqaddas. The ISO PAK Chief also condemned the United States intentions to impose war on Iran, adding that even the people of America were against the war with Iran.

Shia Ulema Council Presidnet Allama Nazir Naqvi said termed Israel’s atrocities in Palestine the biggest issue of the world. He said that keeping this issue alive is ‘Jihad’.

The Jamiat Ulema Islam Leader Moulana Aqeel Anjum in his address said that Israel is carrying out massacres in Palestine and wanted to remove Aqsa Mosque. He added that evil forces would not succeed in their nefarious designs. Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen leader Nasir Sheerazi said that they would not let Israel acceptance at any cost, asking the United Nations and international human rights organizations a reason why they kept mum on atrocities in Palestine. Al Quds is observed across the world every year as Imam Khumeni gave huge importance to this issue, he added.

The participants were carrying placards and raising slogans against the crimes against humanity perpetrated by Israel and supported by United States. They also kept chanting slogans against Israel and US.

The participants of the rally demanded the Muslim rulers to play their due role for freedom of Baitul Muqaddas by supporting oppressed Palestinians. They demanded of the Muslim rulers to play their due role and entire support to Palestinians who were being targeted by Israel forces, was adopted in the rally.

The participants also reiterated that they support Islamic movements being run in Yemen, Bahrain, Nigeria and organisations like Hamas and Hizbullah. At the end of the rally, a resolution to express solidarity with Palestinians and condemn Israel’s atrocities was adopted unanimously. The particpants also torched flags of America and Israel.

Besides central procession at Karachi, ISO Pak and Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen held rallies in major cities and towns across the country.