GUJRAT   -   A University of Gujrat (UoG) driver has blown whistle on massive corruption and theft going on in the administration of the acting vice chancellor, Prof Dr Muhammad Faheem Malik, inviting the intervention of anti-corruption authorities who asked the VC to take “necessary action and report.”

Sources informed that in his complaint to the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE), Gujranwala, driver Mukhtar Khan alleged that two admin officials of UoG Directorate of A&C, Nasir Mehmood and Mubashar Khalil, had long been involved in corrupt practices and theft. He said the two officials had deprived the UoG of all the solar plates affixed on the poles all along the internal roads of the university.

He claimed that all the electrical and plumbing equipment installed at the luxurious residence of Nasir Mehmood in Kathala had been stolen from the UoG. Even the plumber and electrician from the UoG were forced to work for long hours by Nasir Mehmood during the construction of his villa.

In his complaint to the ACE, Mukhtar Khan stated that the drivers who refused to transport the equipment stolen from the UoG maintenance department store to his palatial residence in Kathala were threatened with immediate sacking. Khan also said that he had approached the VC along with sufficient proof of the A&C officials’ corrupt practices and misuse of their position, but to no avail.

He said he had no other option but to take recourse to the anti-corruption authorities for intervention.

Khan, however, expressed his dismay over the case of rampant corruption being referred back to the VC for investigation, saying Dr Faheem soon after taking charge as acting vice chancellor made sure through a major admin reshuffle that all key positions in various departments are held by the officials supporting his policies. It is pertinent to mention that A&C directorate is headed by Dr Mushahid Anwar, known as the VC’s right hand man. Khan further said that “the deadly duo of Dr Fahim and Dr Mushahid has caused irreparable damage to the institution. They turn a blind eye to the corrupt practices going on because they themselves are involved in the same.” He said that officials who did not see eye to eye with them were subject to victimization, false accusations, inquiries and other tactics.

Khan said many UoG employees hope that the days of the corrupt mafia are numbered as higher education authorities responsible for regulating the matters of institutions would surely be taking stock of the current situation before deciding to intervene. Meanwhile, a UoG notification issued on Monday on the setting up of a committee to probe the alleged corruption and theft of resources mentions Chairperson Department of Economics Dr Faisal Mehmood Mirza as convenor, Deputy Manager (R&D) ORIC Dr Khalid Iqbal as member, and Asst Registrar NSMC Mr Bilal Afzal secretary. The probe committee is directed to submit its report within a week’s time.