It is a matter of great concern and grief that our young generation working in private institutes work harder with zeal and zest in their respective professions. But when we check the remuneration paid against their labour, worth and working capacity, it is very little and unfair. Moreover, it’s very unfortunate that they are ill-treated, affronted and offended by the owners very often on tiny and petty issues. The situation is worst in most of the public institutions but even in private schools its very derogatory, pejorative and depreciative. Concurrently, the teachers who work in public schools, are not equipped with modern technology. They are very traditional and conventional in their approach but yet enjoy all the perks and privileges of the government. Additionally, their timing is three times less than those who work in private but the salaries taken by them are ten times higher. The question arises here that, why are we forced to work under the pressure, anxiety and depression in private organisations? Despite being meritorious, our talent is being rusted in these organisations. Government is demurely requested to own and polish the merit and talent. We the youth, young talent of Pakistan have become hopeless, dejected and inconsolable. Kindly, come for our rescue.


Larkano, May 17.