Rawalpindi-Judicial Magistrate Sumaira Alamgir has remarked that the parties involved in an alleged gang rape case would not be allowed to make mockery of the law or to use it for their personal gains.

“The gang rape victim Rafia Azam had been provided adequate time by court for pondering before recording her first statement under section 164 of CrPc,” the judge mentioned in a detailed verdict issued in gang rape case on Friday.

She stated filing application on part of victim girl to record her statement afresh has proved that she is under immense pressure apparently on the part of accused party. “It is also suspected that the gang rape victim has been brought to court after reminding her the fresh statement in which she told court the four men had not assaulted her sexually,” remarked the judge. She said recording the victim’s statement again would be tantamount to spoil the rape case.

The judicial magistrate also said in the verdict that the first statement of the victim girl Rafia Azam in gang rape case is considered final and as per law of the land and no party would be allowed to make mockery of the law or use it for their vested interests. A judicial magistrate on Tuesday last sent four suspects including three policemen involved in gang rape of a 21-year-old girl to jail on judicial remand after the complainant told judge the four had not assaulted her sexually.

The girl also filed a fresh application with the court pleading to record her statement under section 164 of CrPc again. However, Judicial Magistrate Sumaira Alamgir had not only rejected the plea of girl but also issued a final verdict in the case maintaining the first statement of girl.

Rafia Azam accused three cops and a friend of them of assaulting her sexually in a private housing society and snatching gold ring and cash from her. Rawat police booked and arrested the four accused in the gang rape case.