KARACHI - Pakistan Hindu Council, in an effort to promote interfaith harmony in the Holy Month of Ramazan, has hosted Iftar dinner outside Swami Narain Mandir, Karachi.

Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, while taking to media, said that the holy month of Ramazan demands everyone to strengthen will power to perform good deeds and self-control for resisting evil desires.

“I believe that the basic purpose of fasting in every religion is to ensure positive qualities in a person so that he will be able to play his due role for the betterment of society,” he said, emphasizing that the concept of fasting is an important spiritual purification rite in all religions. Some of those spiritual qualities include compassion, empathy, tolerance, charity, generosity, humility, kindness, and reverence. He said.”Since, the holy month of Ramzan is known for accepting prayers, I would like make appeal to every Pakistani citizen to pray for peace and prosperity of our beloved country with full religious zeal and devotion,” Dr Ramesh Kumar concluded.

On the occasion, Gopal Khamuani (President), Raja Assar Mal Manglani (Advisor), Paman Lal Rathi (Joint Secretary), Bharat Kumar Manglani (Finance Secretary), Tarachand Laasi, Roshan Lal, Mohan Lal, Rajesh Kumar Hardasani, Kirshen Chand Manglani and other members were also present to look after the arrangements and to show solidarity with Muslim participants. A large number of Muslim, Hindu and other Non-Muslim community members graced the iftar ceremony for the sake of promoting interfaith harmony, national unity and mutual respect.