"Temporary restrictions on all air routes in the Indian airspace, imposed by the Indian Air Force on 27 Feb 19, have been removed," the IAF wrote on Twitter on Friday.

The measures, restricting the passage of flights to and from Pakistan through a number of entry points, were introduced as a response measure to Pakistan’s decision to ban Indian commercial aircraft from its airspace.

Earlier in May, Pakistan said that it had extended its ban until June 14.

Tensions between India and Pakistan escalated February, after the Pakistani military shot down two Indian warplanes in Indian occupied Kashmir, responding to an earlier airstrike by Indian aircraft against what New Delhi said was on the camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad group, considered terrorists by India.

The Indian airstrike followed a deadly attack by Jaish-e-Mohammad on the Indian paramilitary police force in IoK in mid-February. While India has accused Pakistan of supporting the militants and having a "direct hand" in the incident, Pakistan, in turn, has rejected the allegations.