Unfortunately, online harassment in the form of stalking or sending inappropriate and offensive photographs or sending lewd messages is the most pervasive nuisance faced by everyone [especially by women] across all social media platforms.

The notion that the world has become a global village and there is no harm in disturbing the people you are not acquainted with; it’s completely wrong. It’s not requesting or mild bantering, it’s plain harassment.

For greater discussion, we must understand that such acts of sublime male-chauvinism [considering every other woman as an available proprerty] are unwittingly creating an environment of harassment for our female companions.

If the other person is not responding to your unsolicited sexual banter then it would nice if you leave that person alone, instead of continuously intimidating her, let alone sending your genitals pictures.

Having said that, there are many ways to counter such attacks. For instance, instead of treating all such friend requests like every other vaguely uncomfortable social issue hovering around your shoulders like miniature dementors, one can always report such profiles to concerned authorities or block them or publicly shame them which would a better solution to such nuisance.

Given this world’s poor women protection laws, it’s about time that everyone should start behaving respectfully and make this digital place a better place to strike meaningful conversations and dignified dialogues.


Hyderabad Sindh, May 16.