The prolonged US and Iran animosity is deep rooted for several decades. The two countries had never embraced each other as friendly states. The recent spike in tensions between both states on the context of Iran nuclear deal from which the US had withdrawn, has subsequently brought the Middle East at the verge of war, which could be catastrophic for the entire region and the World. However, the World major powers i.e EU countries, Russia and China have urged both states to avoid military confrontation and exercise maximum restraint.

The Middle East has been devastated due to decades of old wars and proxies in which thousands of peoples have been killed and injured, whereas millions have migrated elsewhere for asylum. Nevertheless, the region can’t sustain further escalations and inhumane actions because peoples have already suffered a lot of miseries and hardships. The UN and its offshoot organisations have to play their role in this vulnerable time to avoid any miscalculation which definitely would lead to severe tussle or use of another nuclear weapon whose havoc world had seen in the case of Japan.


Jamshoro, May 16.