PIA’s crash record compared to other international airlines has been poor. In the recent air crash tragedy that claimed 96 with just two miraculous survivors, possible causes of the crash is the irregular construction of multi-storied buildings in close proximity to the airports of big cities. Secondly, home owners extend their home boundaries well into the streets illegally which doesn’t allow rescue vehicles to reach. Hats off to Edhi and Chhipa Trust ambulances and local inhabitants who were prompt in reaching the crash site and carried out rudimentary rescue efforts.

I strongly suggest that the government conduct a thorough review of the nearby localities, especially housing societies with multi-storied apartments around all airports in the country, particularly in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. All high-rises, towers and apartments in the vicinity of airports must be dismantled and all under construction should be stopped forthwith.

Sardar Ejaz Ahmed Sandhu,