Most of the accidents nowadays are caused by distractions while driving. One of the most engaging elements found in these type of distractions is the mobile phone. Due to busy schedules and workloads, people prefer to use mobile phones off and on while driving.

Unfortunately, using mobile phones while driving is much common and habitual nowadays. It is considered hazardous because many accidents happened only due to the use of mobile phones on the road while being in cars or on motorcycles. Use of mobile phones during driving causes loss of focus and consciousness from the road which ultimately costs life.

Distracted drivers not only become a risk for themselves but also for other people who might be driving responsibly but because of these distracted drivers they also suffer. It is not the problem of any specific state or region, it is the problem of the whole world. Police and other authorities are not enough to simply minimize these kinds of risks without the help of people or the public.

People should think about the lives of others and as well as their own lives before taking such dangerous risks.